World is one big paradox. Nothing is set, everything can be questioned and everything can be discussed. There is no such thing as right way, no rules, so nothing really exists.

You are a builder, you are and architect, you are a painter standing in front of an empty canvas and at the same time a gardener contemplating in an empty garden. You already have everything you need to start creating – fantasy.

I will build from different materials, I like trying things which are unknown for me, but always with real foundations. My creations – pieces of art will be displayed in Ideas galleryThey won't be perfect, as nothing is ever perfect. They will be an inspiration – at least I wish it so much, to invite you to your own creation.

Roam freely, look around and don't hurry, time doesn't exist in my world.

Choose random object which catches your attention, stand by it and listen without speaking – it will whisper you its story.

Enter and let yourself be absorbed by all those various works, created my ideas.